Freitag, 11. Mai 2018

Book: The Martial Arts Teacher - A Practical Guide to a Noble Way

After 30 years of teaching Tai Chi Chuan intensively I was very curious to have a look at this book from Jonathan Bluestein. The topic of teaching martial arts touches my heart and it is never wrong to learn more about it.

Already after reading the firsts chapters I was very excited. Wow. Jonathan is writing about many important topics in an inspiring way. There a chapters like:

- Not a Business, But a Community
- Ways to Approach a Curriculum
- That First Class
- The Challenge of Trust
- Better Than You
- To Teach is Never Enough
- Enthusiasm and Its Limits

Of course I was pondering about some of these topics for years and have my own opinion. But Jonathan sees aspects new to me and has a way to put them into words, which gave me a lot of insights. Additionally he writes about topics, which I never thought of. They gave me a lot of inspiration for how to go on in my future teaching.

The chapters of the book are quite independent from each other. So you can place the book next to your coach and reread individual chapters here and then. This will be always useful and can help in you certain situations.

The way Jonathan writes is very personal. In this book he connects general ideas about a topic with a strong emphasize on his own point of view. He shares with us his vast experience in teaching and running a martial arts community. This is one of the strong parts of the book. It not only provides you with information, but makes you think, because Jonathan's opinion is always well reasoned.

All in all, if you want to teach martial arts or you do it (even for a long time) and you want to reflect on the topic of being a martial arts teacher, this is the book which should be on your buying list. You will be not disappointed.

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