Dienstag, 10. November 2015

Small Thought: Embellished Movements

I am constantly fascinated how plain the movements of the great masters are. They are soft, round and flowing, but never embellished or overstated, or as the Chinese would say flowery. They express a high degree of concentration and focus on the essential.

That this idea is also know in the West, is shown in the following short story by the German writer Gotthold Ephraim Lessing:

The Owner of the Bow

A man had an excellent bow of ebony,
with which he shot far and accurately, he valued his bow highly.

Once, however,
when he looked at it attentively,
he said:

"A little too plain you are!
All your adornment is your smoothness.
What a pity! But this can be changed!"

"I will go and find the best artist.
He will carve the most beautiful images into the bow"

He went
and the artist carved an entire hunt scene on the bow -
and what would be better on a bow than a hunt?
The man was full of joy.

"You earned these ornaments, my dear bow!"

But then, he went to try it - stretched it and the bow - broke.

Foto with Ma Jiangbao by Manos Meisen

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