Montag, 7. Dezember 2009

Text: Talking about Wu Style Taijiquan

An excerpt from the Club Magazine No. 17 of the Jian Quan Taijiquan Association Shanghai, 31.3.1986

Chinese martial arts look back on a long tradition. There are many different schools and styles. Taijiquan is divided into five styles: Yang, Wu, Chen, Wu (Hao) and Sun. A hundred flowers blossom and contend in their beauty. One day I asked my teacher Ma Yueliang for advice: „Master Ma, what is Wu Style Taijiquan?“

Master Ma Yueliang answered: „The Wu Style of Taijiquan was founded by the grandfather of my wife. His son Wu Jianquan continued it. Passed on from generation to generation it developed a calm, light and soft character and became a unique style.“ While saying this words he automatically started to perform martial arts movements and said: „Look at these movements. Like flowing water. Like a willow at the shore of a lake. Sublime like a wonderful flowing poem. No wonder that for some practitioners Taijiquan is a movement full of poetry.“

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