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A praise of the East Asia scientist Dr. Rainer Landmann on the "Philosophy of Tai Chi Chuan"

A praise of the East Asia scientist Dr. Rainer Landmann on the "Philosophy of Tai Chi Chuan":

The German version of the "Philosophy of Tai Chi Chuan" was issued in 2005:A great step for all people who are interested in Tai Chi Chuan or in Chinese philosophy.
Tai Chi Chuan Teachers are often asked what to read in order to deepen knowledge, to get background information and to become better acquainted with the ideas behind this art.
It is indeed a difficult question, but Martin and Freya Boedicker were able to answer it in a fascinating way by publishing this masterpiece.

Of course Lao Tzu or the I-ching or Sun Tzu´s Art of War are always worth reading, but the question is which translations should be chosen, which parts of the books are important for a deeper understanding of Tai Chi Chuan.
Only a few people spent the time and the patience to gain the necessary knowledge (in theory and practice) , which is needed to be able to study the main works of Chinese philosophy. But Martin and Freya Boedicker did so and were thus able to identify the essential passages related to Tai Chi Chuan. They chose the most important parts of a dozen of classical writings, made new translations, brought them together with a brilliant short history of each work and added an extremely useful glossary.

To summarize briefly:The philosophy of Tai Chi Chuan is a clear must for everyone who is interested in Tai Chi Chuan, Chinese Martial Arts, Chi Kung or in the Chinese way of thinking. And it is absolutely fascinating and great fun reading it.
Dr. Rainer Landmann (Hamburg/Germany)

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